Bantu Art Gallery has a wide-ranging knowledge of art to make decisions about the type of work they will exhibit. I have learnt how to build relationships with artists and art critics to keep up to date with trends and identify work that will attract visitors and buyers. We will plan a program of exhibitions and collaborate with designers to develop layouts to showcase there work. I know how to negotiate terms with artists and their agents, or owners of important works, and arrange for the collection, installation and insurance of the work. I also know how obtain sponsorship to cover part of the exhibition costs.

Event Marketing to attract visitors to exhibitions, I have the experience and skills to develop effective event marketing programs. I prepare exhibition catalogs, working with graphic designers, photographers and printers. To launch an exhibition, I invite art critics, journalists, donors and selected guests to a private viewing. I will promote exhibitions to the wider community through a gallery website, posters, invitations to people on the gallery mailing list and editorial coverage in the media.

Community Relations: We have the communication skills to build relations with the local community, particularly if they are running a public gallery.

School events: We run special events for schools and colleges to build an appreciation and understanding of art.

Adult education: We run workshops for the community or adult education groups.

Membership: To attract funding to a public gallery, We will encourage visitors to become members of the gallery, paying a subscription in return for benefits, such as private viewings or discounts on exhibition tickets.