Pool Care

Bantu Pool Service offers the finest regular pool maintenance.

Bantu pool care also do one-off cleans or otherwise known as Casual Pool services. 

Maybe you’re planning a pool party and your pool looks less than party-ready. 

Maybe you’re selling your house and you need your pool to look spiffy.  

Or maybe you went on holidays and came back to a swamp where your pool used to be.

Whatever your issue, our techs are itching to take care of it — they can’t sleep at night knowing there might be a pool with less than perfect PH levels. Pool nerds, all of them. 

Our Casual Pool Service is a once off version of our flagship Platinum Service that means you get the lot.You didn’t think we would go to the trouble of scheduling a service and not do it right did you? 

What you get for your spondoolies:-

Test and Balance
Full Pool Clean including Vacuum
Equipment operation check and set up
quotation of anything else that doesn’t meet our standards
So if you are still looking for a professional pool service company get in touch with us by either filling in the contact form or Call or email us to speak to a pool professional today